My Top Ten Horror Flicks

In lieu of my two year blog anniversary, I thought I'd share my Top Ten Horror Flicks. This is not one of those "best top ten lists" but my own list of movies that I appreciate, admire, adore, and abhor (in delight!).

10. Cabin Fever
When I caught this a year or so after release, I fell in love with Eli Roth's humor and homage to old horror pictures with a good blend of gore (love me some gore!). This picture never gets old with me.

9. Scream
I have always loved horror pictures. When I watched this as a teenager I thought two things: 1) "The guy who directed Nightmare on Elm Street is going to rock my socks off!" (and that he did) and 2) "Ooh, look at all the actors I recognize from television and movies!" But seriously, I can go on and on about how perfect Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson's partnership played out in this wonderful addition to the horror genre. I watch this one every year.

8. Hellraiser
Having proclaimed myself to be a horror fan for years, it took me this long to finally watch the beloved torturer known as Pinhead. After viewing this, I was blown away. Clive Barker won my heart and I'll always be a fan. The sequels aren't so memorable but this first one is pure brilliance.

7. Friday the 13th
After many years of hearing about Jason and even watching Jason Goes to Hell as a teenager, I still had not seen the first one at the time (or remember it if I had). The night I watched this, in my apartment, by myself, in the darkness, I was scared shitless. I was watching this for the first time and it was amazing. The ending was completely unexpected which made this picture even more thrilling. Every time I re-visit, it's like watching it for the first time, every time.

6. Halloween
I was always a Freddy Krueger girl and didn't want anything to do with this non-talking movie villain. He wasn't funny and he walked so frakkin' slow while still managing to kill his victims. I watched this a few times as a teenager but it wasn't until I was an adult when my tastes started to change (as they do when you mature) that I was able to appreciate this picture for it's eerie atmosphere, especially with that amazing score that still frightens me presently. Great piece of horror cinema.

5. The Thing 
The makeup team in this movie did such a great job that compared to today's movie standards, the effects hold up extremely well. Although not novel in story, its execution worked its magic for me but mostly the effects. Awesome picture.

4. Night of the Living Dead
When I was in college, I found a list of "must see" horror movies and this movie was on the list (rightly so!). This is pre-Netflix era and before taking movies out of the library became ubiquitous (also before they had better selections) so I actually sat down at my library's media center and reserved the videodisc (how old, I know). In the dark room surrounded by mini cubicles for media watching I was petrified by the zombies walking on the screen. Especially the first sequence when they're beating down on the car window. Now I own this and because it's that creepy, I have yet to re-watch because the frightful scene is still just as terrifying. George Romero really is the grandfather of the zombie. Best zombie picture ever.

3. Paranormal Activity
This movie is on my list because of its creepiness. I know spirits exist and this movie struck home. My experience with spirits was not on the malevolent side but the mere thought of it turning that way was unnerving. When I came home after watching this movie, I had to turn on every light before going to bed. Good job, filmmakers, because I was freaked.

2. The Ring
The first thriller/horror picture to have scared me in years! That girl coming out of the TV? 'Nuff, said!

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street
My favorite horror movie villain and picture of all time, this had to be number one. Why do I love this picture so much? Why the frak not, should be the question! Freddy Krueger, "Morality sucks," that blood bath scene, Johnny freakin' Depp...should I go on? No horror movie will top this for me. It doesn't scare me but I love it nonetheless. This movie serves as a capsule when I was introduced to horror pictures. This was the gateway movie that turned me on to the genre. Thank you for your existence, Wes Craven!

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