Paranormal Activity

Directed by: Oren Palin

Release date: 2009

After spending two years in oblivion, the film Paranormal Activity was released into theaters.  But the new wave of marketing that will soon be mainstream in the coming years was by internet “Demand it!” options for lovers of the film to have it screened in their city and of course, by hearsay.
The hype in the media surrounding this movie instantly made me cringe against and chose not to support.  After a random invitation, I took the plunge and watched the film in the theater.

This film was very creepy.  I watch my share of supernatural and horror films and I do believe in ghosts.  Perhaps this film appealed to me particularly because there have been times I’ve felt something touching or licking me, seen a Lazy-E boy rock on its own with no one sitting, and witnessed a door open on its own.  I’m completely involved.  It takes a lot to creep me out because I’ve inundated myself with horror films so I’m not very squeamish. 
This film, however, made me listen carefully to every sound in my apartment upon returning home.  It wasn’t typical “scary” with the gore and crazy special effects makeup, but the tension buildup worked for the film.  Old school supernatural films were made this way and I commend this film for bringing it back. 
If you like supernatural films with suspense, you’ll like this.  If you are looking for a typical horror film, this ain’t it.

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