A Nightmare on Elm Street

imagedirected by: wes craven

release date: 1984

Last night, I watched my favorite horror film of all time on the big screen at the NYC Horror Film Festival with an audience for the first time ever. The experience was thrilling, exciting, and energetic. The fact that Freddy Krueger was actually in the building made the evening that more electrifying for me.

Prior to the start of the film, Robert Englund plugged his new feature, Inkubus, while also being so friendly, amicable, and gracious (all with a glass of wine in his hand).

He told us to enjoy some shorts, check out the extended trailer to his film Inkubus, “go back to the eighties” and made a reference to Heather Lagenkamp’s resemblance to Brooke Shields (which I didn’t realize it until watching it last night) and Johnny’s Depp’s hotness.

Having watched the remake in April and the original last month, I was able to appreciate both films. Granted, the original will always be the best for me no matter what.

I love Johnny Depp’s awesome line when Tina and Rod’s moans of passions are heard and he says, “Morality sucks.” There are so many great moments in the movie that have been created for me as an adult. At six years old, I watched this on Channel 11 (WPIX back then and also on ABC’s Midnight Movie) only waiting to watch Johnny Depp’s famous blood bathed bed death and never remembering the rest. With an audience that love the film as much as I do, I was glad to hear people laugh during the same moments I do such as when Heather is shrill in the police station after Tina’s death.

Freddy Krueger is such an iconic figure in history. Yes we have Michael Myers and Jason but Freddy talked! He was funny (granted his character evolved in the series) and creepy at the same time. Robert Englund made this character so memorable that it was about time he was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award! He is the same age as my father (early sixties) and still doing his thing!

Thank you Robert Englund (and of course, Wes Craven – he’ll be getting another post) for being awesome, wonderful, and petrifying for all these years. Looking forward to seeing your work in the future!

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