Directed by: John Carpenter

Release Date: 1978

Still as potent and scary now as it was in the seventies, Carpenter's addition to the horror genre was top notch and spectacular. Never being a fan of this picture because I was more of a Freddy girl, after more than three viewings, Wes Craven's Nightmare is fighting with this horror picture in my heart.

Everyone knows the premise of this picture so I won't rehash the plot details.

Below are a few remarkable features that stand out for me:

The cinematography: Dean Cundey worked the long take in which we see the POV of young Michael. I always enjoy the opening of this movie - so good!

Actors: Jamie Lee Curtis as the original scream queen. This was her first picture ever and look at her now; Curtis is a household name and this awesome horror picture put her on the map. I love her! Who would have thought Miss Scream Queen would star in Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda and True Lies? Such a versatile actress.

The deaths: Mike Myers' head tilt after killing Tommy? Absolutely brilliant. Terrifying and raw.

Score: What the frak?!?! This score is one of a kind - I can't think of another score as thrilling (Jaws comes to mind) as this one. The sound puts me in a vulnerable and guarded state. For Halloween this year, I attended a party in which the front entrance used this score as ambiance music. Needless to say, I was freaked out every time I walked in and out of that party.

Overall, this horror picture is a classic. This begat all the Friday the 13th pictures after all. If you haven't seen this yet, go watch it now! Great movie.

The original 1978 trailer for your enjoyment:

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