Bucket List

Hey followers!

Like on my other blog, I recently added a page on my bucket list/goals for this blog and the genre in my life. I'll be adding to this list!

1. Watch the Pumpkinhead Series.
2. Watch Sleepaway Camp series.
3. Complete the Friday the 13th series.
4. Watch all Leprechaun films.
5. Watch as many zombie movies as referenced in Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide
6. Recap The Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes
7. Watch more International horror films
8. Review Stephen King horror novels (not all of his books are horror related).
9. Recap Supernatural episodes (I'm brand new ya'll, so I won't be current).
10. Watch every Hitchcock film.
11. Meet Clive Barker.
12. Meet Eli Roth.
13. Meet Wes Craven. R.I.P.

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