Monday, September 11, 2017

It (2017) Review

Directed by: Andy Muschietti

Release Date: 2017

I've seen It this weekend. As a fan of the novel (but not of the miniseries - the most salient feature about that incarnation was Tim Curry), I was skeptical. For anyone that is familiar with the novel, they know how dark it is. They know the evil and fucked up ness about it (especially that orgy scene). I know the visual medium will always be tame to a Stephen King novel and it's a fact I've accepted. Misery, It, Salem's Lot are only three of the many works adapted to film or TV that have been tame or not memorable. Some of his non-horror stories have made great adaptations to the screen (The Green Mile, Stand by Me, The Shawshank Redemption). Regarding those categories, as a fan, I'd say It was satisfying but quite tame compared to the source material.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 - Lack of Posting

Hello fellow readers of this blog (ha, if there are any), my apologies for the lack of posting of last year. It is now March 2017 and well, grad school is still kicking my ass lately. I haven't actually been watching horror films lately, but I will be watching Get Out this weekend, so it'll revitalize my joy for this genre.

Until later, horror lovers!