It Follows

Directed by: David Robert Mitchell

Release Date: 2015

Three elements make this film worthy of watching this picture in the movie theater: the score by the amazing Disasterpeace, our main protagonist, Jay, played by Maika Monroe (The Guest) and the cinematography.

How do I begin this review? The film's score still sits on the brain (and currently playing as I write this) and I can't get enough of the sounds. Flawless, eerie, and beautiful simultaneously, I kept telling the friend next to me, "I just love this score!" Here's why - the subtle loudness and synth sounds remind me of both the fantastic Drive soundtrack and John Carpenter's inimitable Halloween score, which I appreciate because they're amazing!

Disasterpeace's score sets the atmosphere and tone of the film. We see characters contemplating, chased, or attacked (not in that order). Always in a throwback to seventies or eighties flicks. The plot, regarding "it" isn't very explicit but that's the beauty of a creature feature/throwback horror picture. Remember when horror movies were made to be subversive? Like how Night of the Living Dead is about racism and every one of Romero's are about different aspects about society? This film is no different. "It" could be your ex, virginity, love, etc [insert something here]. Anything can be placed in "its" shoes and make you mull on what you can't and never will escape in life.

Our protagonist, Jay, played by Monroe, made it easy to relate to her in her plight throughout the film. We're mulling with her. Even screaming and petrified with her when she reacts to people only she can see. Paired with her acting, the film stock used (perhaps they used HD, I don't know, I'm not a DP or anything) but the film had that old movie quality which is why the score worked so well to enhance the mood of the piece.

Some people might not like this due to its slowness in pace and perhaps its anticlimactic ending. As a horror fan that who is sick of torture films, I was satisfied. And it really was the movie score. This is the first time I've bought the score of a film in my life. Not a soundtrack with lyrics but score. The score of this movie is so good it hurts but in a great way.

Anyway, watch the movie. If you don't like it, you've gotta a least admit the score is on point. The trailer for ya!

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