Killer Joe

Directed by: William Friedkin

Release Date: 2012

Another doozy from the mind that brought us Bug and the Pulitzer winning play August Osage County (in production to be turned into a film), Tracy Letts provides a cringe worthy ride into the human experience.

The first shot of this movie is of an unshaved vagina. If that doesn't show you what you're in for, then you're just naive.

Chris Smith (played by the scruffy Emile Hirsch) is in trouble. He begs his father, Ansel Smith (Thomas Haden Church) to aid in paying off a debt. Somehow, this turns into "Let's kill my mom so the insurance money will pay off my debt." Who do they hire to perform this job? You guessed it, Killer Joe (played masterfully by Matthew McConaughey). We learn he's a cop and he follows a number of rules. The big rule, we also learn, is one of manners which plays so wonderfully demented in the third act.

Since Ansel and Chris don't have the money upfront for this "job," Killer Joe suggests a retainer in the form of a person. This person is Chris' sister, Dottie. What happens afterwards is a complete clusterfrak.

The third act alone is all kinds of messed up. Upon watching the end of this film, I left the theater (yes, I saw this in the theater) needing to remind myself the world was beautiful. Even with this extreme reaction, what stayed with me was how phenomenal McConaughey's acting was. I'd say it's the first time I didn't see the actor but saw the character. I look forward to more of his work if it's anything like this!

A disturbing film on all accounts, I was thrilled...but not in a good way. Tracy Letts is so frakked up.

The trailer for your viewing.

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