Directed by: William Friedkin

Release Date: 2006

A story about a lonely woman who takes in a disturbed man who sucks her into his insanity. Wonderfully acted by Michael Shannon, he embodied the psyche of this man from the moment he was introduced to the last shot of the film. Why isn’t Michael Shannon a household name yet?
Friedkin (The Exorcist) did a phenomenal job directing Shannon and Ashley Judd in this claustrophobic psychological thriller. Quite slow at the beginning, setting up the foundation of what was to conspire, but oh so worth it at the end.
When the credits rolled and I read that this screenplay was based on the play “Bug” by Tracy Letts, the film made complete sense to me.
The isolation, the madness, the frenzy – all of these were successful elements that worked in favor for the movie.
I was disturbed by the characters and saddened by Judd’s character circumstances but get this – I believed her! Not for the squeamish, this film was intense. Especially the end – whoa.
Watch at your own will. You may love it or hate it.

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