Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

Directed by: Eli Craig

Release Date: 2011 (limited)

Tyler Labine (Dale) is the best thing about this movie, hands down! His delivery, his cuteness, his shyness and oh I could gush so much but I'll stop, was utterly irresistible in this movie. Overall, I'd have to say the movie was a major fail.

Perhaps because I had seen a successful cheeky over the top horror (Cabin in the Woods) this movie failed to grab me on any level.

The story: preppy teenagers on their way to a cabin in the woods stop by a convenience store. They encounter Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale. To the teenagers, they look like a couple of hillbillies ala Deliverance so when Dale tries to make conversation with a scythe in hand, they flee. The plot involves Tucker and Dale at Tucker's vacation home but these teenagers keep dying accidentally. When you think it can get any better, the movie becomes worse.

The dialogue, the deaths, and the premise (some twist with a male teenager hating hillbillies) had me cringing in complete discontent and annoyance. What made the whole movie worthwhile was Tyler Labine. He was so on point and on his game throughout this picture. Alan Tudyk was Tyler's perfect complement. It's such a shame this movie wasn't as awesome and entertaining as the trailer made it seem.

Utterly disappointing with no interest in re-visiting this movie again, the movie failed due to its inability to make their ridiculous fear of Tucker and Dale believable. I'm aware I'm watching a movie with a preposterous plot, but at least make it plausible. I'd watch Cabin Fever/Cabin in the Woods/Evil Dead five million more times than this again. Sorry, Eli Craig, this movie was a huge miss. But I'm probably in the minority about that and that's okay.

Trailer is below.

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