Friday the 13th Part 3

Directed by: Steve Miner

Release Date: 1982

Released in yours' truly birth year and in the gimmicky 3D presentation that has become ubiquitous (almost) with some horror pictures of our current horror film climate, this film didn't try to change the franchise's formula one bit. And you know what? This formula worked for this horror fan. Although this film received the worst reviews during its theatrical run, the deaths are to be remembered in addition to the movie when Jason's mask is introduced.
The story does not stray from the formula of any picture in the series: friends go back to where it all began and Jason appears to do what he does best. Our lead, Chris, decides to return to Crystal Lake (always a big mistake) to get over her memory and/or dream of a deformed man attacking her in the woods. As all the viewers know, our favorite movie villain is indeed this deformed man Chris speaks of. As in typical horror film and Friday the 13th fashion, post-coital deaths involving impalings and a freeze frame death (one of my favorites!) ensue. The trio of motorcyclists from out of nowhere didn't pique my interest but it didn't matter anyway because they all received their just desserts in the end.

The salient feature of this film was how subtle and un-gratuitous the deaths were displayed. Steve Miner's direction worked nicely in this third installment. Let's not forget the fact that Jason dons the hockey mask for the first time! Awesomeoness!! The 3D version of this film was probably as cheese-tastic as imagined. Hopefully, the Blu-ray version of this film has both versions and a set of 3D glasses to view in all its ridiculous glory.

Final verdict? If you're a fan of the series, you will have watched this already or is about to watch this installment. If you are as invested in one of the most known and popular horror franchises in history, then you won't miss this one. Fun, gore-tastic, horror brain candy at its best.

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