Directed by: John Gulager

Release Date: 2005

Campy, over the top, gory, and so many money shots (think blood on the lens), this movie started in the right spirit but went downhill along the way. As the first script penned by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, I thought I would enjoy this picture but sadly, I did not. The middle dragged and by the time it was over, I barely cared about the whole experience in the first place.

The plot line revolves around these cast of characters we meet in a bar and how they defeat these random beasts that come out of nowhere.

Some of the dialogue is laugh out loud funny (the first twenty minutes have some great moments) but the rest is muddled by the over the top bloodyness of it all.

At first glance, this film starts off like a another Dusk Till Dawn picture without the vampires, replaced with a big family of baddies.

The introduction of characters was extremely clever. Each person had a name, occupation and/or fun fact, job, or vibe and life expectancy.

There were also visual cues like the cheeky "Home of the Grill Kill Museum" sign on the top of the bar which allude to what will happen to the cast of characters along the way.

My favorite title card -
Name: Hero
Occupation: Kicking Ass
Life Expectancy: Pretty Fucking Good

Eric Dane (McSteamy) plays our hero in this sequence and what happens after, is amusingly ridiculous.

The other actors were fun - Balthazar Getty, Henry Rollins, Jason Mewes, Krista Allen (Unscripted, The Final Destination), Josh Zuckerman (Sex Drive), Judah Friedlander (30 Rock) , Navi Rawat (Numb3rs), including the director's father, Clu Gulager as the bartender.

Overall, I wish this film was Better. Considering it was the third picture to come out of the Project Greenlight series that was a horror movie! I was looking forward to enjoying this, especially after watching the The Collector first. I forgive the filmmakers. Marcus Dunstan and writing partner Patrick Melton had some good ideas (which seemed like they filled the first third of the movie) and maybe the producers and director filled in the rest because man, by the time the movie ended, I had all but forgotten what I was watching in the first place. And that's bad because I cherish and enjoy watching horror pictures.

I do not recommend this. Although I might be in the minority seeing as lots of horror folks enjoyed the campyness and over the topness this provided. Such a shame.

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