The Collector

Directed by: Marcus Dunstan

Release Date: 2009

Upon the recommendation from a friend, I took this movie (high in demand, I might add) out of the library. And wow! What a movie. This movie tones down the torture porn genre started by the Saw movies and creates a new movie villian. As Marcus Dunstan's directorial debut, his background in the horror genre started on the film Feast with co-writer Patrick Melton and the recent Saw movies (IV, V, 3D: The Final Chapter). With great cinematography and storytelling, this movie is definitely a must see for horror fans.

Plot: Construction worker Arkin (Josh Stewart, Dirt, Law Abiding Citizen, Criminal Minds, No Ordinary Family) stakes out a family whose house he's working on to steal to pay off a debt to a mob boss for his ex-wife. When Arkin arrives at said house, he finds the home completely booby trapped and a masked man lurking. Then the fun begins.

What worked about this picture was the soundtrack and score. The beginning notes of Korn's "Dead Bodies Everywhere" was a nice touch when the masked man walks through the house. As I write this review, I'm listening to Queen of the Damned soundtrack because the darkness and sinister quality of these songs are the elements evoked in the movie I saw.

The performances weren't particularly amazing and neither were the deaths in the picture. Perhaps I'm so desentized to the violence of it all, I wasn't phased. However, the different ways this masked man booby trapped this home were clever and inventive.

Not only were the booby traps tricky and kool but the tension, oh god, the tension! There were moments including the start of the movie, a scene when the daughter arrives home, and many more delightful nuggets for the audience.

The ending was inevitable but at the same time not expected, which I found refreshing. This movie delivered the goods. There wasn't much campyness but that was fine because the chase was so quick paced throughout, I never found myself looking at the time. At a tight 90 minute mark, this movie is worth the watch. An upcoming sequel is set to be released this year in 3D (this 3D thing is outta control!) which I'm definitely looking forward to watching on the big screen.

It's one of the most quick paced and taut horror films I've seen in a long time. Give the film a try. It won't bite. :)

The trailer for your perusal.

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