Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp

Directed by:Robert hiltzik

Release Date:1983

When I first discovered the Internet a decade or so ago, I read a list of “must see” horror films and Sleepaway Camp was at the top of this list.
Having absolutely no idea what I was in for, I rented this movie and definitely did not expect the ending I saw.
Briefly, for those interested in a basic plot summary with no spoilers: A boy, girl, and father are swimming in a lake while two pesky teenagers are on a motorboat. The teenagers fight over control as they head straight ahead toward the family swimming. There is an accident. One of the siblings is killed.
Years later, Angela has stayed with her cousin, Ricky, and is on her way to summer camp. Every time a person is cruel to Angela, the person ends up dead.

With typical eighties slasher quality, this movie is very obvious and never takes itself seriously. The funniest expression to me is Angela’s (Felissa Rose) face whenever she is confronted; her face is always deadpan and expressionless.
I actually met Felissa Rose when I used to volunteer for the New York City Horror Film Festival a few years ago and she was super sweet. I didn’t have the courage to mention this film but having a conversation about whatever was nice enough.
Seriously folks, this movie is worth the watch for the ending alone! It will knock your socks off and you will Not see it coming.
For more information, visit the official Sleepaway Camp Movies website which have trailers for the first film and the rest of the sequels (with a new one in pre-production).
I haven’t seen the sequels but I don’t think they’ll surprise me as much as the first one did.

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