Maximum Overdrive

Maximum Overdrive pic Directed by: Stephen King

Release Date: 1986

Stephen King’s first and last directorial debut was atrocious. Based on his short story, “Trucks,” this incarnation of the tale is supposedly campy and tongue in cheek. However, I couldn’t appreciate whatever elements of “comedy horror” that are present in this feature. Emilio Estevez stars as the cute cook of a truck stop who along with a group of survivors, fight off trucks and semi-trucks that come along when a comet passes through earth. What results is a soporific film about trucks and machinery coming to life attacking humans.
As a Stephen King fan, this film was reminiscent of his novel Christine, which is about a car that comes to life. I wasn’t surprised about the content of this movie and thought I’d enjoy this because I love his work. However, the film was not impressive, entertaining, or funny – just extremely bad. I understand why both Stephen King and the public thought the same thing. To his defense, Stephen King confessed in an interview for the novel Hollywood’s Stephen King he was “coked out of his mind” when he was directing this picture. He claimed he wouldn’t direct anytime soon – which is a wonderful thing. Please King, write your ass off – don’t direct a movie. Ever. Again.

This film has gained cult status (but not a classic) and even has a fan run website about the movie called The Happy Toyz Company; the website was named after the title on the truck that circles the diner. It’s a kool website with trivia, screen shots from the DVD, cast credits and the like but the extra information didn’t endear the movie to me. Check out for curiosity but by all means, this was a forgettable film.

The trailer below.

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