New Year, New Post

Hello to all of my faithful readers!

Graduate school has been taking up a lot of my time lately and I don't watch as many horror films as I'd like. I did watch a bunch so I'll be rolling out some reviews on a weekly basis based on re-watch of films. I'll even provide a list so you'll know what's coming up!

In no particular order:
The Craft
The Guest
From Dusk Til Dawn
The Babadook
Lost Boys
American Psycho
Midnight Movie
Crimson Peak
What We Do in the Shadows
Final Girls

Most of these I saw last year. The only horror film I've seen this year is Misery. That'll be a fun review because I've read Stephen King's novel first prior to watching the film. I'll start backwards starting with Misery and then dive into the other films from last year.

Sit tight. I'll be re-visiting old films and watching new films released in the theater and on demand. And finally, I'll be reviewing Supernatural! I finished Season 5 (I have opinions and favorite episodes) and I'll also go backwards and review the previous seasons and then Season 6 and so on. So many seasons to go! I can't believe they started Season 11 this year! I need to catch up!

That's the plan this year. Hopefully, I'll have more posts (less lag time too) between posts.

Happy New Year!!

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