The Conjuring

Directed by: James Wan

Release Date: 2013

I have never been this petrified during a horror picture in a very long time. Last year while I was in NYC, I saw this with a fellow horror fan. Beside him, I jumped so much. The last time the goose flesh rose on my skin from fear was....maybe The Ring. Yeah, that long.
Since it's been a year, I'm sure most folks know the story, but I'll do a quick recap. Ed and Lorraine Warren (played respectively by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are paranormal investigators, called to investigate the strange occurrences happening at the Perron household. Carolyn and Roger Perron have five daughters and live in an old house which is in serious need of an exorcism. Many more instances of supernatural activity occur and stability is restored after all the hullabaloo.

Suspenseful. Well-acted for a supernatural horror film. Ron Livingston! Lili Taylor (Six Feet Under memories)! Patrick Wilson, always, Patrick Wilson (been in love since...Hard Candy). I saw the trailer for this once and I was completely interested and intrigued. The coolest fact learned about these paranormal investigators is that their findings inspired The Amityville Horror: A True Story book which spawned the many films and remake of the same name. I like creepy. I always have and I want to watch more of these. I'd rather watch an atmospheric movie these days than a slasher flick. I like the old school slasher flicks. But that's another blog post.

Ah, yes, the props to the director. I'm not a fan of the Saw franchise but I'm enjoying his additions to the horror genre as late. I know he didn't direct the recently released Annabelle but he produced the film which means hopefully it'll be as awesome as The Conjuring was.

Here's to anticipating a decent sequel next October! For your viewing pleasure, both trailers to The Conjuring  and Annabelle. Happy Halloween month!

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