Bad Kids Go To Hell

Directed by: Matthew Spradlin

Release Date: 2012

A disgrace to even be compared to a gem like The Breakfast Club, this sad excuse for a dark comedy thriller was abysmal.
Behold, the summary: Matt Clark attends boarding school. He's sent to detention for cutting class or something of that nature. Detention involves all these kids from different socio-economic status but they don't band together. They start dying ala Final Destination style. A twist tries to make sense of the whole movie but by the end, you just want it to end.

The actors: Some actors were known and not. Judd Nelson plays the headmaster in this film (the Best scenes in the movie) and he steals Every Scene He's In. More Judd Nelson in my life, puh-leaze! Marc Donato (this movie is obviously Not for my generation) mostly known for his role as Derek in Degrassi: The Next Generation plays the nerdy type (our Brian) and as for the other actors, can't say I recognized them or cared to look them up (even though I did because I love film, I Have to look shit up).

The execution: Lousy. Special effects may shock at first but they don't cover up the fact this film's big reveal was wack and bozack, Jack to the max. The acting, even for this, could have been more tongue in cheek or maybe the actors and production added to this lack of effect? Or, wait for it, maybe, just maybe, these films Just aren't for my demographic anymore? I beg to differ. If a film is campy and tongue in cheek done well, it'll stick no matter the demographic. 

I tried to look for the graphic novel online but it's not really available. However, due it's overwhelming popularity, there's a sequel the novel about to be released and wait for it...also a film sequel (womp, womp). I'm not excited about the sequel but I really need to get my hands on the graphic novel! Love those. 

For your perusal, the trailer for this film And the teaser trailer for the sequel. You have been warned though. This isn't even Good brain candy. 

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