Directed by: Quentin Dupieux

Release Date: 2010

What a ridiculous picture on all levels!! Where some movies are awesomely bad and craptastic, unfortunately, this movie defined it's metaness with the following quote: "No reason." There was no reason for this movie!
Let's get to the semi-plot shall we? A group of onlookers serve as the audience for this "movie" taking place about a rubber tire awakening from it's slumber. These onlookers have binoculars to "see" the movie (the same one we're watching) and comment on death scenes as any one of us might. Meta-ness to the highest degree here. The first third was actually interesting and was intriguing because one doesn't know what to expect.

What ensues in this scant film of only 82 minutes is a lot of....nothingness. A tire kills people through telekinesis (!!!), of all abilities an inanimate object would have, and...yeah, I won't provide any spoilers for those actually interested in watching the movie, but let's just say, this tire is possessed. You know what happens to a spirit that loses its vessel? There's some transference, that's all I'm saying.

I have to say, Chad, the cop that breaks the third wall for a moment, was the most captivating character in the whole picture; even more than the tire! The tire ran over things, but not people, and that wasn't anything compelling or even interesting. Not even the deaths of people were memorable. Chad, played by Stephen Spinella, started as a theater actor and transitioned to the big and small screen seamlessly. He was the best thing about Rubber.

Overall, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this picture to anyone, however, the absurdity is intrigue enough to watch the film pan out. It's like watching the absurdity of Sleepaway Camp just for the ending alone.

Rubber has cult candidate status but also, this would make a decent addition to "Best Movies to Create a Drinking Game For."

Watch at your own risk!

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