A Haunted House

Directed by: Michael Tiddes

Release Date: 2013

A spoof on Paranormal Activity, this movie does not leave any stone unturned in the supernatural genre of films released lately. Marlon Wayans and writing partner, Rick Alvarez wrote a screenplay that's laugh out loud ridiculous while making fun of the horror genre as a whole.

Malcolm and Kisha are a couple. Kisha moves into Malcolm's home and the video camera is utilized to tell their story. As the trailer depicts, there's an absurd amount of jokes that will either make you laugh or gag because they're so bad.

My favorite part of the movie is when Malcolm says, "We're moving. There's a ghost in the house. Deuces!" while he attempts to drive away in his van. Prior to this, he screams like a banshee (Marlon has always been a great screamer) when something spooky happens in the house. I laughed so hard because it's what any sane person would do! Not stay and investigate. Definitely the longest laugh for me in the film.

Kisha accidentally kills his dog while inadvertently inviting a spirit into the house because she sold her soul for a pair of shoes? This fact was thrown out there and I wasn't sure whether it was in jest or serious. And for a pair of shoes, really? Well, two men did write the screenplay. The rest of the film moves in this fashion throwing out sight gags and jokes that either worked or fell flat. More fell flat than flew.

Then they enlist a surveillance team to install cameras everywhere in addition to a psychic played overly gay by Nick Swardson. His shtick was too much and over the top. When none of these options work, they bring in Cedric the Entertainer as the priest, who again, provides a few laughs but not enough for me to remember.

The end result is the same as the original Paranormal Activity but only with a slight variation.

I must say, for a matinee afternoon flick, this film was quite satisfying. I couldn't drag anyone else to pay for this ludicrous excuse for a film. For the moment, I was entertained. However, I would not suggest anyone to pay for this. Wait for the DVD. Or on Demand. Or on a streaming site. Or even never.

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