The Vampire Diaries - Season 4, "The Five"

Directed by: Joshua Butler
Airdate: November 1, 2012

Thursday night's episode had me on the fence, but more on that later.

Recap: Klaus contracts Stefan to have Rebekah help them with the tattoo on Connor. We learn more about the Five vampire hunters. The tattoo on their bodies (and on Connor) is a map that leads to a vampirism cure. They need a sword to decipher the tattoo which we learn was buried with Alexander, Rebekah's hot ex who was a five. Once the whereabouts of the sword is learned, Rebekah is daggered.
In the wide world of baby vampires, Elena goes to Whitmore College with Bonnie and Damon tags along. Elena has a hard time with "eating" but Damon suggests going to a Halloween party, aptly titled "Murder House," where she can get her "eat" on! Elena loses control after her feed and revels in the blood with Damon in an intimate dance. Bonnie promptly breaks it up and Elena snaps to reality.
At Whitmore College, we meet sexy Professor Shane who knew Bonnie's grandmother well and had some of her belongings. Professor Shane offers to show Bonnie a few magical tricks which leaves Bonnie very willing to oblige his request.
Meanwhile, Connor shows us how bad ass he really is. Not only does he bite one of the hybrids' ear, managing to have the piercing in his teeth to unpick his locks, but when the hybrid returns, Connor beheads him! The next time Professor Shane is shown, Connor asks him, "Why'd you send me to Mystic Falls?" What's his story? Only time will tell.

Verdict: This show does this to me all the time. Somewhere in the middle, I lose interest and my mind goes elsewhere. Then the cliffhanger keeps me invested. Damn you, TVD! On the real tip, this episode was definitely lackluster. The Five's backstory was told so quickly, even efficiently that the rest of the show was filler. And I understand Elena is having a hard time adjusting to being undead, but she's getting whiny and annoying already. Perhaps the possibility of a cure to vampirism will switch things up? Will the cure even happen? If a cure were for certain, why would this show be called The Vampire Diaries anymore? I don't know what the next episode holds in store but it better get good again!

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