The Bay

Directed by: Barry Levinson

Release Date: 2012

This movie will instill fear into those who swim in lakes the way Jaws did for people swimming in the ocean. A phenomenal horror picture that explores nature's creatures, this movie provided so many thrills I was afraid to drink water or eat fish afterwards.
The story begins with Donna Thompson, our protagonist, who tells us about that fated July 4th day in 2009 where the town, Claridge, MD near Chesapeake Bay had the worst holiday ever. Understatement, perhaps?

As another entry in the found footage horror genre, Levinson's addition stands apart from the rest. The mixture of home video, security footage, B-roll, Skype and police video, had this horror fan jumping at every other turn because the creepy crawlies were so cringe worthy.

Donna was an intern working at a news station for the summer in Claridge, the seaside town known for fantastic Independence Day festivities. With her cameraman, she interviews the town's mayor, John Stockman, who we learn has been allowing chemicals and chicken fecal matter be dumped into the river. Not only that, but two oceanographers who have been in the same river are found mangled by deformed isopods.

The catalyst for investigations starts with a townsperson puking and itching, showing signs of a strange skin outbreak in which everyone else follows suit. The story unravels know the rest.

Some characters were irritating more than others but the audience was rooting for one couple who arrive after everyone has fled, died, or are in the throes of death. Donna, as our known survivor, manages to escape these mutated isopods by not drinking any water.

As a person who still doesn't know how to swim well, I was petrified watching the isopods infect, devour, and crawl out of bodies' mouths and body parts (you read that correctly!). The creepy factor was in full effect and even writing this review I shudder, thinking about these isopods.

In short, The Bay is not for the squeamish or for the found footage non-fans. For everyone else, be prepared to be grossed out.

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