Juan of the Dead

Directed by: Alejandro Brugues

Release Date: 2012 (limited)

As a Spanish speaker, I feel I should review this movie in Spanish but I won't. My Spanish skills aren't that great. Since I didn't pay much attention to the subtitles while watching the moving picture, I was able to appreciate the movie more.

We meet Juan, a vagamundo (lazy ass for those non-Spanish speakers), who sleeps with housewives and putts around with his boy, Jose, who actually works. Then we learn Mr. Vagamundo actually has a daughter who moved to Spain with her mom (hence the Spaniard accent). She's come back to stay with her grandmother for awhile but has absolutely no interest in her father. In this tale, as in some zombie flicks, it takes a lot longer for the people of Cuba to know or even realize zombies have invaded (granted many people become infected much quicker). At a town hall meeting, the zombies are thought to be dissidents revolting against the government - from the United States.

Death scenes are hysterical - from decapitations, stabbings, close calls, and anything expected in zombie films, but in Spanish!! The best part of the movie? Juan and his cohort start a zombie removal service for those in need.

The actors' delivery in this over the top zombie film in Spanish (can't say I've seen my share of those) was fantastic. Impressive and entertaining on all levels.

For a new zombie type of zombie flick, take a look at Juan of the Dead. It'll make you laugh a few times even if you think it's stupid.

The trailer for your enjoyment.

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