Vampire Diaries - Season 4, "Growing Pains"

Directed by: Chris Grismer
Airdate: October 11, 2012

Last night, with much glee and anticipation, I watched the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries. I must say that the past seasons make this season premiere pale in comparison. Perhaps because I devoured seasons one through three in such a short period of time (took me close to two months, maybe less) that all the show's deliciousness wasn't lost on me.

However, last night's episode followed the usual formula: wrap up the cliffhanger from the previous season along with other intertwining stories involved.

Recap: Elena is a vampire (yipe!) which follows the L.J. Smith book series. Klaus is in Tyler's body (yay! Sexy Michael Trevino isn't off the show yet), and Bonnie is contracted (as always) to use black magic to somehow save Elena from this undead fate. Luckily, *spoilers ahead* Bonnie fails but at a cost (oh those spirits). Let's not forget this other subplot involving the council wreaking havoc by arresting both the sheriff and mayor because Alaric outed all the secrets regarding harboring hybrids, verbane, and vampires. This serves as conflict to bring Damon to the rescue which always seems to be the case in most of these scenarios.

Final verdict: Too many story lines were happening in one episode. There's a whole season here to unravel secrets and plans. However, I must give props to the creators for being able to pack so much into one episode even though it wasn't as effective as perhaps only a few events occurring other than everything at the same time.

I'm still invested in the show all the way but don't know how entertaining the Klaus story line will become, the  Elena and Stefan relationship will last, if Bonnie and Jeremy will surely get back together, if Matt's character will die (what's he really doing for the show now?), and what's to become of Tyler now after Klaus has left his body? On second thought, there's a shit ton happening the creators can do so much with!

Bring it on Vampire Diaries! I'm so ready for you!!!

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