The Vampire Diares - Season 4, "The Rager"

Directed by: Lance Anderson
Airdate: October 25, 2012

Last night's episode was a doozy...or was it?

As per usual, Elena's transition into vampire is the focal point of this episode. But with that we have so many redundancies (as if we don't know what's happening on the show already) that it's getting out of hand.

Let's begin. The recap:
A curfew has been placed on the town after the shooting of Tyler by Connor in the previous episode. Tyler's werewolf venom is extracted by Connor in the beginning of the episode (ooh, ahh, what's he going to do with that?). Rebekah throws an anti-curfew party at some house she now occupies. While handing out the flyers, she instigates some shit with Elena in the high school ladies room which leaves blood all over Elena's face. Tyler is now under house arrest with (sound the trumpets) the return of none other than Klaus and his hybrids. Another new face, Hayley, who we learn is a werewolf, comes to visit Tyler while he's home. Could we have another love triangle in our midst? Then Damon walks into Connor's booby trapped RV and calls Meredith for help. With Klaus' help (and Jeremy's), he entraps Connor using the same booby trap. Then Matt comes over to allow Elena to feast on him and she almost eats him! But oh ho ho, who comes to the rescue? Damon! He vows to help her become a better vampire. As for Connor's future, Klaus saves him and enlightens us he's one of the five vampire hunters. Ah, yes, a precursor to future episodes. In short, many story lines a brimming and only three episodes into the season.

Stefan saying this: "She's channeling all of her emotions into rage," drove me bananas because we know why her emotions are crazy. She's a baby vampire. Stop repeating yourself!! The repetition of common themes (emotions and this quote by Stefan - "I risk becoming him...the Ripper") is making it harder to enjoy the show. I'm aware this show doesn't take itself the least bit seriously, it's all fun, games, and entertainment, right? There comes a point where it becomes intolerable and one has to stop watching. I'm almost there already. I did, however, love the moment between Caroline and Stefan (Vampire BFF moment!) so very much because I don't want to remember how unlikable Caroline was at the beginning of the show. There are a few gems of the show that remind me why I'm still invested. But I am getting to my max point. I'll see where next week leaves me.

Until next week!

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