Satan's Little Helper

Directed by: Joe Lieberman

Release Date: 2004

What a movie! I watched this when it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2004. This film blew my socks off.

The quality of the film isn't particularly great but for a low budget feature which was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, then there must have been something great about it.

The film follows the story of Dougie, a young boy who is obsessed with this Satan's Little Helper video game, who dresses up as such for Halloween. His sister, Jenna, visits from college and brings her boyfriend Alex, along. Dougie is threatened by Alex's presence and wishes for something awful to happen to him. When he randomly sees a man dressed up as Santa literally killing someone, he thinks it's fake and gushes. After asking him if he's Satan, he follows him around and assists him with homicidal and unexplained rampage through the town. There are barely any survivors but it's oh so campy, any horror film fan can enjoy this picture.

Some highlights in the film:
Amanda Plummer as the mother (holy moly!)
Dougie's ridiculous naivete
Jenna getting felt up my Satan (thinking it's her boyfriend)
The last costume of the serial killer
The ridiculousness of the plot
The dialogue

Watching this the first time, I was floored. I wasn't as invested for the re-watch but the last lines alone were enough to encourage me to re-watch a third time. I can't wait! Fellow horror film fans, rejoice, rewatch, and roll on the floor laughing at it's ridiculous awesomely badness!

Last Lines:
Jenna Whooly: [voice-over] Mom... Why doesn't he say something? 
Douglas "Dougie" Whooly: [voice-over] He's afraid Satan will hear him. 

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