Halloween Rituals

Each Halloween, there are certain rituals I must do or it's just not Halloween for me.

Below, my five favorite things that I Must do every Halloween season:

Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. When the 3D version started playing in theaters in NYC, I had to go watch even if I did own the movie myself. It's such a wonderful picture!

Watch Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video. How can you tire of black MJ, dancing, and zombies? It's the best Halloween thing to watch! I've been doing this for close to a decade now. This music video never gets old.

Watch horror movies of course! I know I watch horror movies year round (because then this blog wouldn't exist) but in October, I step the horror viewing up a notch because I love the genre so much!

Attend a haunted attraction or participate in a haunted walk. I love being scared. What can I say? 

Watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I know this isn't necessarily a horror picture and is neither scary or thrilling but it has horror elements. Eddie being butchered and eaten for dinner is a horror element in itself! Plus, I really love musicals and this is one of my favorites.

There you have it. My faves! What do ya'll do every Halloween?

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