Directed by: John Erick Dowdle

Release Date: 2010

Having sworn off anything remotely written or directed by M. Night Shyamalan, I was going to stay far away from this picture. However, curiosity for the worst pictures with semi-interesting premises always lures me in.

There I was, watching Devil on HBOGo (so good!) because I had to watch this train wreck of a movie.

The simple plot coupled with horrendous and over the top film score made this film both laughable. For those interested in the plot, I’ll fill you in. Six strangers are stuck in an elevator. When one person randomly dies during a short power outage, the story is supposed to reel the viewer in and guess who the murderer is in the mix.
Mentioning the most ridiculous (but still extremely simple) aspects of the story, will ruin this movie for any viewer, so I will refrain. The movie was that simple, asinine, and so M. Night Shyamalan that I’m ashamed to have put myself through another work touched by him. After the credits rolled, I forgot about the picture already. None of the deaths were memorable and as much as I enjoy Chris Messina as an actor (no matter what role he plays), he couldn’t save this picture; no one could.

How can I count the ways why this movie failed? Let’s see: the film score tried too hard to create a spooky atmosphere (not to mention a gimmicky opening sequence showing a city’s bridges upside down), and the premise. The actors weren’t a nuisance but they weren’t memorable either. The biggest name I remember in the movie (besides Chris Messina) was Bokeem Woodbine (who hadn’t been in a successful moving picture since Ray) so that doesn’t tell anyone much of anything.

As is the case with most M. Night Shyamalan’s pictures, this movie was another excuse to dupe his audience into actually thinking he’s a decent filmmaker (sorry John Erick Dowdle, this movie stank of Shyamalan’s mind, which is not a good thing for either one of you) who creates novel “scary” stories that don’t work. I have one word for him: “hack.”

Watch at your own risk. If you are fond of his work, you might like this movie. If you, like me, are quite tired of his dirty tricks, stay far far away, like I should’ve.

Below the trailer for your judgment.

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