Friday the 13th: Part 2

Directed by: Steve Miner

Release Date: 1981

The first movie I'd seen directed by Steve Miner was H20:20 Years Later. The story and his direction made a solid addition to the Halloween franchise (which should have ended with his movie). This sequel, being one of his first forays into the horror genre, was awesome. 

The first ten minutes were a rehash of the final battle between Alice (Adrienne King) and Jason Voorhies mom. King's acting was awful - even for horror movie standards. Her face after she woke up ("Then he's still out there") was cringe-worthy. I don't think this was necessary because I almost stopped watching. After the title sequence scrolled, the movie became interesting.

Our heroine, Ginny (Amy Steel), crashes the beginning of the camp counselor orientation given by Paul (even though knowing these names are inconsequential since most of the counselors are going to die anyway).

Our voyeur lurks the perimeter of the camp grounds at every given moment. The same style used in the first movie worked as masterfully in this sequel.

One of my favorite scenes, which works purely as exposition for the audience, involves Paul addressing the group about Jason and his origins. Apparently, the film takes place five years after the first film. The most noticeable aspect about this scene is the camera pushing in slowly as Paul is talking. This is kool because the camera action propels the scene during Paul's talk as well as Jason's possible perspective from the bushes. Very impressive.

The rest of the film has what's expected - interesting deaths, some sex, some nudity, and heroine to boot. I had watched the remake of Fright Night prior to this movie with much disappointment. So when I saw this movie, I was reminded how good horror pictures look like. The score was fantastic; never booming, always used effectively, and resonated with me at the end.

As a sequel, this movie delivered the goods. I enjoyed myself and I'm sure fans of the franchise enjoy this picture too. I know it'll only go downhill from here but I'm going to enjoy the ride nonetheless.

On to the next movie in the series!

For your enjoyment, the trailer.

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