Angel Season 5 - Highlights

Airdates: October 1, 2003 - May 19, 2004

I completed the last series in Buffyverse this past Sunday. At the end, I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. I'm not completely enrolled in watching the defunct Dollhouse just yet as much as I appreciate Eliza Dushku and her loveliness.

Similar to many other reviewers in the blogosphere about this season, season five was by far the weakest of the series.

Conviction - The first scene alone is hysterical as Angel saves the woman and then pictures are taken of her and him together, like he's a celebrity. And David Boreanaz's face? Priceless. Not to mention this episode was written and directed by Joss Whedon.

Unleashed - The rest of it is quite forgettable but the ending where they are all hanging out in Angel's digs brings it back to what the show is about. Fred ordering the Chinese food was the cherry on top.

Hellbound - The one where with the scary atmosphere and Spike. This episode reminded the viewers that they are watching a horror related series! The ghosts, the sounds in the basement, the torture porn and all happening to a vampire, of all people. Quite the episode and done well. Right on.

Lineage - Just for Spike's quip about having sex with robots alone! Oh and Alexis Denisof's performance after he fake killed his father. Deep shyt.

Soul Purpose - The dream sequences were awesome! And directed by David Boreanaz to boot.

You're Welcome - When Cordelia wakes up, looks amazing, gives Angel that long awaited kiss, and then we learn she dies? So sad and wonderful.

Smile Time - Muppets and Angel! Yes!!

A Hole in the World - Joss Whedon wrote and directed - brilliant. Since no one can ever truly be happy in this Buffy/Angel universe, of course we have Fred and Wesley finally start a relationship and have her become Illyria at the end. Heartbreaking episode but written extremely well. Oh and Amy Acker? A-mazing.

Underneath - for Adam Baldwin's appearance alone. 

Origin - when Connor gives Angel a nod at the end was well played.

Least Favorite episodes:
The Girl in Question - I couldn't care less about Buffy on this show. The banter between Angel and Spike was quite entertaining but this episode was a bad filler. I wanted more story.

Harm's Way - I can see why Joss Whedon kept on the character Harmony but she's not a character I ever liked (with good reason) and having her own episode was irritating. She wasn't cute or even a character I enjoyed hating - I never liked her, period. And why she was able to survive at the end of the series makes me sad. She should have died. But I digress.

Not Fade Away - Spike's redemption!!! His poetry reading was perfect. As the series finale, this episode was dull and lackluster. The ending was fitting for a story like this, but not very good execution on the creators side.

My best and least favorite episodes of the season. The ride was worth it to learn more about Angel, learn to love Cordelia (which made her absence on this season saddening), loving Fred, Gunn, and Wesley (even after he kidnapped Angel's son) and so on and so forth. I would definitely re-visit this show at any time in the future. Good times!

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