Director by: James Gunn

Release Date: 2006

As my first introduction to the brilliance (and sexiness) that is Nathan Fillion, I absolutely had a blast watching this picture in the theater. Imagine this slug-fest in 3D?
The plot is very much inspired by The Blob and Invasion of the Body Snatchers which makes this picture that much enjoyable for horror fans alike. A creature in a pod lands, attacks someone, and this said person is transformed and infects others. The difference here is they all have the consciousness of that first person, which is amazingly bizarre and disturbing at the same time.

Nathan Fillion's portrayal of tough sheriff, Bill Pardy, made him so desirable and also one of our main protagonists that would aid in saving the day. The chemistry between him and Elizabeth Banks' Starla Grant was supremely entertaining.

The makeup effects were horrifically, grotesquely, and squeamishly fantastic! Mad props to the special effects department who melded the real and fake seamlessly throughout the picture.

I really wish that there were more cinematic horror/comedy gems like this one. I think James Gunn should make another over the top horror picture that'll make you cringe in disgust while also making you bust out at its hilarity like this picture.

As a fun gore-fest that makes you laugh, check this picture out if you haven't already. James Gunn's best picture yet.

For your viewing pleasure, the trailer below.

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