Scream 4

image directed by: wes craven

release date: 2011

This film starts with a bang - the meta metaness of the film within the film within the film worked well even though this went on for a hair longer than necessary.  The new faces to be sliced and diced were pleasant (Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell, et. al) and fun. As soon as the first scene started, I was sucked in. The story this time around revolves around Sydney Prescott’s book tour in which she makes a stop in Woodboro as the murders have started again. Red herrings abound ensue, amazing one-liners, and a very fitting social commentary to boot, this was a more than decent addition to the franchise (almost erases the third installment).

Since this review is way later from the premiere, we don’t need to rehash plot details.

Newcomer to the horror genre, Emma Roberts, was a good fit for this movie. I wasn’t expecting that since she’s well-known in the tween market with movies like Nancy Drew and Aquamarine under her belt. And Rory Culkin, all grown up as Charlie Walker was an amusing surprise. I loved his performance in You Can Count on Me eleven years ago so it was nice seeing him holding his own (the way I know he do). The whole cast worked well for the movie; I had a blast.

My complaints? The ending was predictable - at least for me - and I know when I watched the first movie, I never expected that outcome. This movie, I was paying attention (too much perhaps) because as the victims were dying off like flies, I already had a hunch of the culprit. By the film’s close, I was satisfied, not impressed by the killer but loved the social commentary of the film’s take on the new American Dream which is fame.

I could go on but I wouldn’t want to ruin the film for anyone. Scream fans will love it. And newcomers will enjoy this as well; it has something for everyone.

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