image Directed by: Roman Polanski

Release Date: 1965

As a Roman Polanski and Wes Craven fan (this movie is referenced in A Nightmare on Elm Street), I decided to take the plunge and watch this picture. Upon viewing, I was glad I watched but wasn't very entertained.

Catherine Deneuve, the leading star, plays Carole, the ingenue who is frightened by sex and anything involving sex. Roman Polanski, a master at accomplishing tension, was successful in having Carole lose her mind slowly. What I didn't like was the whole movie. I can appreciate the execution of the piece and the performance by Catherine Deneuve but this picture was not for me.
At times, I thought I was watching reality TV with psychological elements mixed in. This picture didn't make me care about Carole's experience, the people she interacted with or even her hysteria. Maybe I'm not ready for this movie (you know how some movies rub you the wrong way when you're in a mood) or maybe this movie wasn't meant for me to be "gotten." However, I do see all the qualities that are lauded with praise for this picture. But it's just not for me.

For a slow and often times tedious psychological picture, watch this. Don't expect too much.  

A trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

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