New Nightmare

imagedirected by: wes craven

release date: 1994

Ten years after the first film premiered in theaters (and made New Line millions at the box office), Wes Craven was asked to return and close the franchise with his own take on Freddy Krueger’s character.
The whole story was very meta - which made the movie that much more creepy because we were with Heather Langenkamp (who was playing herself) and not Nancy this time. Seeing Robert Englund out of make up was strange (when I watched this for the first time in ‘94, I had no idea what the actor looked like without make up. Well, maybe a little) but had me see him as a person rather than Fred Krueger.

The plot plays with the story of Fred Krueger messing with Nancy and her son. This tale worked off the original story in the first movie which is a reason why this movie was effective. There were spooks and thrills - but not too hokey - very much in Craven fashion.
I never get sick of watching this and the first movie in the franchise; they have the Craven stamp and direction and also, there's a throwback to horror that was lacking during the time of this movie's release. Upon this movie and the Scream franchise, the early nineties had random horror movie pictures I can't even name from the top of my head. Craven was on it and I'm so glad he added to the Nightmare series. There were a fair share of duds in the franchise and some decent additions.
Overall, if you haven't gotten around to watching the last movie in the series (not including the Freddy vs. Jason movie), go see it now. It's one of Wes Craven better moments in his career.

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