The Blob (1988)

imageDirected by: Chuck Russell

Release Date: 1988

A remake of the original 1950s version, this modern take on the classic was gore-tastic, campy, and a watchable picture.
The basics of the original stay the same - alien crater lands and wreaks havoc in small town except - there’s a catch. Science and man are involved. I’ll leave it at that not to ruin the plot for anybody.

The special effects in this movie were so gross-tastic, I squealed with glee. I was happily disgusted with the death scenes and even the blob itself. Compared with the fifties version in effects only, this one outshines it easily. What this film lacks is a breakout star the way the fifties version started Steve McQueen’s career. Sure, Kevin Dillon was in this movie but as big as a movie buff as I am, he really didn’t become a household name until Entourage. Either way, this movie works on all cheesy levels; horror buffs, this movie is a must. Watch it if only for the crazy effects that hold up even now.

The trailer for your perusal.

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