Scream 3

image Directed by: wes craven

release date: 2000

Because Scream 4 will be released in a week, I needed to refresh myself with the characters and the story.
Watching this reminded me why this installment in the series is the most forgettable with me and most fans.
Before going any further, let’s discuss plot summary, shall we?
Stab 3, the latest film based on the Woodsboro murders is in production and one by one, the actors in the movie are picked off clean. Sidney, having secluded herself in a cabin somewhere and working for a women’s crisis hotline, returns to civilization to help Detective Kincaid (played by pre-Mr. McDreamy himself Patrick Dempsey) catch the killer. As always, Sidney lives (no spoilers here, she is in the trailer for Scream 4 after all) while Dewey and Gale marry. The End.

The dialogue was trite and overdone – particularly in this movie. Predictability lurked in every corner; the screenwriter, Ehren Kruger (Kruger, ha!) seemed like he plucked scenes straight from the first installment in the franchise. Original much? That last scene where the killer spews his motives was absolutely awful. The whole movie came down to that? Really? The performances didn’t bother me because it was about the story – the horror story at stake here – so I have no complaints there. But the story, oh god, the story – what the frak happened? Why didn’t the producers like the script that Kevin Williamson wrote for the last installment? I would love to get my hands on that script somewhere because it probably worked a whole lot better than the crap that was filmed.
Getting back to the screenwriter – Kruger wrote many films that missed with me – Arlington Road, Rings Two, and Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen and this movie. The only movie that creeped me out Insidious style was The Ring. Already, this screenwriter has a bad track record with me. One movie ain’t enough.
What he destroyed in this picture was the suspense, the novelty, and even the meta-ness that was cleverly done in the first two movies. Scream 3 came off as a copycat of the other two rather than an addition. Was Dimension Films cashing in on their cash cow at the time? Hell to the yeah! Did it work? Hell to the no! The question remaining now is, will the fourth film work with the same creative team – eleven years later? I really hope so because when Wes Craven is good, he’s off the charts. When he tanks, he sucks so hard, I can’t even watch. But when he teams up with Kevin Williamson? Brilliance!
Even though this was the weakest in the franchise, I’ll still provide a trailer for your viewing, to whet your appetite for the upcoming sequel.

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