image directed by: james wan

release date: 2011

From the minds that created the Saw series and Paranormal Activity, comes a new haunted tale involving a child.
As most horror movies begin, the audience is introduced with a picture perfect (nearly anyway) suburban family with two boys and an infant girl.
When Dalton, one of the oldest of the two, falls down while exploring the attic, the audience knows something is amiss. He wakes up in a coma the next day and strange occurrences start happening in the home.

I want to leave the plot synopsis there because revealing more will ruin the movie for anyone intent on watching this picture.
This picture was effectively creepy, carried an unexpected ending, and managed to stay with you upon exiting the theater. Being a believer in ghosts and spirits, the sound effects in the movie were so realistic (especially when you heard noises of doors, objects being thrown about in a room and so on) that I jumped in my seat many times because I’m familiar with those sounds as well as the feeling of, “What the hell is going on here?” in your own house. The film resonated with me so much I had to throw on a Disney movie so I didn’t think about the possibility of a spirit hanging out in my home.
Successful in story execution, performances, and even some comedic moments (to lighten up the seriousness of the picture), this movie provided thrills. For horror fans aching for a decent horror flick in the theaters, Insidious is the one to see.

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