Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The House of the Devil

image directed by: ti west

release date: 2009

Based on true events regarding satanic cult rituals in the eighties, this film is about those events.
Very slow but concise in execution, the director played up the suspense for seventy-five percent of the movie (or even more) but this drawn out narrative proved to be successful for this die-hard horror film fanatic.
The story is simple – down and out girl, Samantha (Jocelin Donahue) is seeking employment and has signed on to move into a small place near her school campus. She happens to pass by the school bulletin board and a posting for a babysitter catches her eye. She calls and after being stood up by the employer, finally agrees to a last minute job for double the price. She needs the money so she accepts the offer. Samantha’s friend, Megan (Greta Gerwig) drives her out to a secluded house in a very woodsy area and promises to come back for her after midnight. After that, the narrative moves deliberately until the punch at the end.

Scream 2

image directed by: wes craven

release date: 1997

Some horror sequels, okay, let’s be honest, most horror sequels are subpar to the original movie. I don’t think this can be said for the second installment in this franchise though.
Plot summary goes like this: Sidney is in college, dating Derek (Jerry O’Connell), has a roommate, Hallie (Elise Neal), and life is swell until…the opening sequence with Jada Pinkett Smith and Omar Epps in which they are murdered in a movie theater during the screening of Stab while everyone has Ghostface masks, stabbing each other with fake knives. We soon learn there’s a copycat killer on the loose and that’s when things go crazy.
Talk about meta-ness to the max with all the pop culture references (especially of Friends co-stars of Courtney Cox), Gale Weathers new hair (it’s new in every movie), the star power (so many well-known people known now), and the tension as well as fun created in the first installment.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


image directed by: Vincenzo natali

release date: 2010

The whole time while watching this movie I kept thinking, “I want to watch The Fly with Jeff Goldblum because it’s way more engaging than this drivel!”
Premise of the movie is simple: scientific experiment gone bad – but not necessarily Frankenstein bad just bad in affecting everyone around it bad. This is only generalizing because I wouldn’t want to ruin the movie for those interested in watching.
Albeit glowing reviews from both Metacritic.com and Rotten Tomatoes, I failed to see the greatness in the film that I saw.
Every time the tone of the movie changed every half hour, I kept wondering, “Where is this going?” And guess what? It went nowhere I cared about! By the end of the movie, I was upset I spent this much time on a picture that tried so hard to be something and is already forgettable as I write this review.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scream 3

image Directed by: wes craven

release date: 2000

Because Scream 4 will be released in a week, I needed to refresh myself with the characters and the story.
Watching this reminded me why this installment in the series is the most forgettable with me and most fans.
Before going any further, let’s discuss plot summary, shall we?
Stab 3, the latest film based on the Woodsboro murders is in production and one by one, the actors in the movie are picked off clean. Sidney, having secluded herself in a cabin somewhere and working for a women’s crisis hotline, returns to civilization to help Detective Kincaid (played by pre-Mr. McDreamy himself Patrick Dempsey) catch the killer. As always, Sidney lives (no spoilers here, she is in the trailer for Scream 4 after all) while Dewey and Gale marry. The End.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scream 4 Trailer

Scream 4 is premiering in theaters in two weeks!! Can you tell I'm excited? In lieu of the newest installment in the series, my friends and I are watching the prior sequels to refresh our memories.

And also, for your viewing pleasure, the trailer to Scream 4. Enjoy!

Scream 4

Monday, April 4, 2011


image directed by: james wan

release date: 2011

From the minds that created the Saw series and Paranormal Activity, comes a new haunted tale involving a child.
As most horror movies begin, the audience is introduced with a picture perfect (nearly anyway) suburban family with two boys and an infant girl.
When Dalton, one of the oldest of the two, falls down while exploring the attic, the audience knows something is amiss. He wakes up in a coma the next day and strange occurrences start happening in the home.