Halloween II


Directed by: Rick Rosenthal

Release Date: 1981

Written by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, the sequel in the Halloween franchise provided the thrills and the screams without the blood.

Starting from where the first film left off, we see Laurie Strode tell the little ones to go off to find help. Dr. Loomis comes to the rescue, shoots Michael, the bullets pushing him to land on the ground, one story below. But when Dr. Loomis looks out the window, Michael’s body is gone!
On the chase goes to the only place the viewer thinks Laurie might be safe – the hospital. Of course, she’s not safe in the hospital – it’s a horror movie!
The score was as chilling as ever, the acting atrocious, the suspense satisfying, and The Shape stalking, hulking, and still just walking slowly toward his victim.
As a sequel part of a horror franchise, this installment was impressive. Not only did John Carpenter and Debra Hill write the sequel (they wrote the first film also) but they produced the film as well. The director did a fantastic job at interpreting Carpenter and Hill’s script. This film definitely deserves a re-watch because the stylized creepiness works and holds up, thirty years later.

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