New York City Horror Film Festival

The New York City Horror Film Festival is back and ready for action! Being an alumni of the film festival for four years from 2004 - 2007  (I wasn’t asked to volunteer once staff changes were made after), I must say that I was always delighted to see the new faces, the new movies and shorts that were festering the whole year for us horror fans to consume.
Additionally, I like to see who receives the Lifetime Achievement Award in horror every year.
Past recipients include – Tom Savini, Roger Corman, George Romero, Tobe Hooper, and Herschell Gordon Lewis.

This year, wait for it – it is the one person that has haunted my dreams since I was a child but yet still love the films he’s been in that has made him the biggest horror icon in history – Robert Englund will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award!!

As a fluke, I visited the website and noticed his name; immediately, I purchased my ticket. This is Robert Englund for crying out loud!! Freddy freakin’ Krueger!!! (Yes, I do need all the exclamation points for emphasis because that’s how excited I am to meet Robert freakin’  Englund.)
Apart from my shrieking girl moment, please support and attend the NYC Horror Film Festival because the people are friendly, the ticket prices affordable (you pay for four shorts and feature length film), and you can booze it up with the actors and filmmakers right after! Why not spend your weekend with horror fun stuff? Who says Halloween has to end at the end of October? Do it up!
I’ll be there on Saturday night, will you?

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