Dead Snow

Directed by:Tommy Wirkola

Release Date:2009

I watched this Norwegian film a few months back after a friend mentioned how much she enjoyed it.
The premise revolves around Nazi zombies that live in the snow. The victims are very American Pie (with subtitles, of course) in which there are some memorable lines. However, the film as a whole, didn’t work for me. The death scenes were funny and gruesome; the makeup effects were great; the story was innovative (very pirate like) but this isn’t a film I would own or re-watch.

There are a few foreign horror films that were hilarious and gruesome that I’ll never forget. Check out:
Choking Hazard (2005)
Night of the Living Dorks (2004)
Choking Hazard is a zombie comedy’s take on philosophy. Night of the Living Dorks is what happens when dorks mess with black magic with their hormones mixed in.
These movies cracked me up because they are so unbelievably ridiculous and over the top, I had to put these trailers up.
P.S. I saw Night of the Living Dorks in German and it was So much better than the dubbed version.
Final verdict? If you are into zombie films, you might enjoy Dead Snow; for entertaining zombie foreign films, check out Night of the Living Dorks and Choking Hazard.

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