Ginger Snaps

Directed by: John Fawcett

Release Date: 2000

Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald are high school juniors in the town of Bailey Downs.  There is a beast mutilating dogs and the town is all fussy about the grisly deaths but yet, no one really does anything about the situation.
Ginger finally becomes a woman and then is attacked by the beast.  Needless to say, her appetite becomes insatiable for boys and dogs.
Being a blatant metaphor for puberty, I enjoyed the concept the filmmakers created for this movie.  However, upon watching the movie, I realized that I’m not a fan of werewolves.  I think they are cool and the idea of using werewolves as a metaphor for puberty in this picture worked.  As a personal preference, I’d take a vampire movie any day over werewolves.  But that’s just me.
Apart from the metaphor, the acting worked, the special effects makeup were pretty amazing, and some of the lines were good like a dark comedy.  The payoff wasn’t satisfying enough to watch the other films in the franchise.  Fun movie though.
Would I recommend this flick?  Yes – especially if you are into werewolves. 

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