Hostel II

Directed by: Eli Roth

Release Date: 2007

Part two continues in which we see Paxton again on the train but I refuse to divulge plot details so as not to ruin the film for anybody.
This sequel completely did the original justice and this is a rarity, especially in the horror genre.

Eli tones down the gore in this installment which provides the film to stand on its own merits while still being included in the “torture porn” category.  However, the difference between this sequel and the original is the pacing. 

The film moves along about a good forty minutes before anything really happens – but this is good!  In one of the featurettes, Eli mentions how he stylized Hostel Part II as an Italian horror film in which most of the action takes place towards the end.  Some movies fail miserably with this slow paced action but succeeds with Hostel II

I am a horror fan but there are some films I don’t need to re-watch; this movie is not one of them.

Eli has got me by the balls (if I had any) and I cannot wait what he has in store for us in the genre.

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