Let The Right One In

Directed by: Tomas Alfredson

Release Date: 2008

Because Hollywood doesn’t know how to be original anymore, this film is being remade and will be tentatively be released this year in October.  Before even attempting to watch the original, please, fellow horror fans, watch this movie instead.

Oskar meets Eli (pronounced Elee), the female vampire that lives next door to him.  He is bullied and stabs trees sometimes.  Oskar and Eli become friends albeit her trying to warn him that they shouldn’t become friends.  There’s a bloody and underplayed scene towards the end of the movie that leaves you wanting more.

If you like nuances with more action than telling, you might like this movie.  There’s something in the subtext that leaves you questioning the end result.  Either way, a very decent vampire film.

The trailer below for your enjoyment:

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