Thursday, November 12, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Directed by: Oren Palin

Release date: 2009

After spending two years in oblivion, the film Paranormal Activity was released into theaters.  But the new wave of marketing that will soon be mainstream in the coming years was by internet “Demand it!” options for lovers of the film to have it screened in their city and of course, by hearsay.
The hype in the media surrounding this movie instantly made me cringe against and chose not to support.  After a random invitation, I took the plunge and watched the film in the theater.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Ghost Walk with residue

On Hallow’s Eve, I had the pleasure of rounding up a group of my friends and participating in a 90 minute walking tour about Peter Stuyvesant and the many haunted places in the East Village.
We started at the St. Mark’s church on tenth street and 2nd avenue. Our tour guide was entertaining and informative.  I forget her name but she made the walk that worthwhile in the wet weather. 
She talked about Peter Stuyvesant and how much a “son of a bitch” he was.  We were literally behind the St. Mark’s Church, near the tomb of where he and his other family members were buried.  Although it probably happens often, the eerie constant light on the side of the church kept turning on and off.  She also talked to the spirits among us and told them not to attach themselves to anybody.  She had moments where she experienced ghosts so she warned us.This was the beginning of our tour.