Directed by: John Erick Dowdle

Release Date: 2008

As is the theme of the current Hollywood climate, this horror film was the remake of the original Spanish film named [REC]
At the time, I wasn’t privy to any details about the movie other than it was shot in Blair Witch fashion.  Watching the remake after the original didn’t leave me satisfied.  Something got lost in translation even though this version of the film was essentially a shot for shot remake of the original.
The story starts with a reporter and her cameraman who are shooting a day in the life of a Los Angeles fire station crew.  They receive a call that takes them to an apartment complex in which they are “quarantined” due to an infection. Then the fun starts.
If you like zombie movies, you might enjoy this.  If you are used to the horror movies shot Blair Witch style and you dislike that, then you might not like this movie at all.
I highly suggest to watch the original much better.  The subtitles don’t get in the way, its creepier, and the subtle details make the film a much better viewing experience.  Additionally, there is no score at all which makes the film that much better. 
As for Quarantine – it wasn’t terrible but not phenomenal or a “must see.”  Watch [REC] instead.

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